sweet dreams and happy memories

i love life. i am pretty silly sometimes...just your typical teenager actually. maybe not. i enjoy baking. and sometimes i end up getting carried away, like ending up with 100 cupcakes for three people. also i LOVE music. i am one of those geeks who hears a chord and thinks it is really awesome, and everyone else just kinda stares at me haha....WELL. i have so much to be thankful for. i sometimes wonder why some of the things that i have gone through, i had to go through them. but you know what. it is all good. for me some days are really hard. but i keep going. because i know that is the right thing if not the best thing. i want to thank everyone who has ever given me a hug, a smile, or a thought or prayer. y'all are very close to my heart. love love love (channel your inner taylor swift as jean says!) :)